What are your RE words?


What are your RE words?

What are your ‘RE’ words?

It occurred to me in early lockdown that ‘re’ words were relevant (👍🏼) to what we were all experiencing before, during and following isolation. So (and without using a dictionary) I decided to list a few. I stopped at 70!

I challenge you to choose 5 of the 40 words listed below to describe your journey, experience or story through the pandemic so far…

Mine would be:

Recharge; I needed to use the time for restoration and reflection, in order to reset my values, needs and desires.

Through reinvention, I have re-emerged, reborn and have relished the time.

Ok, so I’ve used 8! That’s why it’s a challenge.

Please, share your ‘re’ words and why in the comments below. I would love to see/ hear your ‘re’ stories. Let me know if there are any I’ve missed…

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