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 Taking Responsibility Positions You In The Eyes Of Others

If people are going to buy from you, then you need to be accountable for your actions. A slick company video with seamless transitions and a well-rehearsed commentary may satisfy your shareholders, yourself and make competitors slightly jealous, but it’s just aesthetics. It won’t mean anything to the people that matter, namely your customers. They want to feel part of something, they want to belong to a community that shares their values. 

It is your responsibility to deliver with conviction, honesty, and relatability.

A Place Of Truth

I certainly want my clients to be accountable for their actions and take responsibility for their message, but it needs to come from a place of truth. We build trust by finding common themes that bring us together with our customers.

Whilst we all want to make money and we can, by finding the common denominator between us, our common traits bring people closer.

Commonality breeds relatability builds community and creates customers.

Creating the perfect-looking videos or hiding behind sales promotions will build unnecessary barriers between your personal brand and your customer. 

A personal brand, by the way, according to Mark Schaefer, author of Marketing Rebellion and Cumulative Advantage, ‘is simply what people think about you.’

Mark then points out that YOU are the point of differentiation. There is no one like you. No one with your experience, heritage, or insight. 

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Delivering Your Voice Will Eat The Business Voice For Breakfast

In the business-to-business world, we must be slick, know more than the competition, be stoic, serious, sound like THE expert, right? We need to speak the language, know the acronyms. Do we, though?

Delivering and presenting ourselves in a way that steers clear of jargon and hierarchy is what is becoming the differentiator for so many people. 

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Presenting Ourselves Is Now A Business Approach

How we market ourselves and our products has changed.

We need to face our fears and insecurities and get comfortable being seen by the customer on screen and in the flesh.

Face And Embrace The Fear.

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Words: its not what you say but how you say it



1. a violent uprising against an authority or government.”the insurrection was savagely put down” Similar: rebellion, revolt, uprising, mutiny, revolution, insurgence. * late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin insurrectio(n- ), from insurgere ‘rise up’.

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