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Power To Speak will make you excited about sharing your message. It will give you a voice to create and express yourself so that you feel empowered to get in front of your audience. 

Power To Speak will give you the tools to communicate confidently so that you can market yourself effectively and show up powerfully on any platform, whether you are a leader, speaker or actor.

I am Jackie Goddard, founder of Power To Speak, and I’ve been a teacher and a coach for 25 years. I have worked with actors, business and charity leaders, teachers and corporate teams.

I use my diverse work and life experience combined with my training as an actor to make you excited about sharing your message and help you impact, influence and inspire using your voice and your story.

My job as a coach is to be a professional friend, to listen and support but also, to challenge and encourage you to step to the edge of your comfort zone because that’s where transformation happens.

My sphere of expertise is voice for public speaking, acting and presentation, but no matter your background, business, next level or goal, I have found that an actors training is useful, essential even, for everyone, in every area of life. It builds confidence, curiosity and creativity. It free’s the mind, the imagination and the inner child.

Think about it, we improvise every time we open our mouths to speak. We are public speaking every time we engage in a conversation. Techniques and exercises around voice, breath, memory, curiosity, imagination, self-expression and collaboration help us to show up powerfully in whichever space we inhabit.

An improv session

WHO is it for?

I coach business leaders, keynote speakers, entrepreneurs and professional actors giving them tools to show up powerfully and market themselves effectively using their voice and their story.

Power to Speak coaching is for you if you want to impact with your content, influence with your delivery and inspire with your story.

Whatever your background or experience I can make you excited about speaking to your audience.


I believe that your voice is your greatest tool. It can be used to inspire, motivate and engage. However, it can also give away all your secrets – your age or your education, whether you are nervous or authentic.

Power To Speak coaching will tackle any issues you may have in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive way.


  • I listen.
  • I encourage risk-taking – transformation happens at the edge of your comfort zone.
  • I provide a space for you to experiment and explore.
  • I provide tools and techniques to help master nerves, boost confidence and develop clarity and fluency in what you say and how you say it.
  • I help you discover your story so that you can use it to make memorable presentations and articles.
  • I use my training and years of experience as a performer and teacher as well as my own life stories to uncover blocks and build confidence.
  • I give you permission to speak, grow and show up powerfully.
  • I also give you permission to play and get creative. Research has shown that doing anything for enjoyment and not for a purpose, temporarily silences our inner critic and unlocks creativity.
A corporate event with a team from Civica.


The result is a YOU who is excited and enjoys stepping in front of your audience!

A YOU that’s raring to get out there and inspire and motivate; embracing the nervous energy that comes with caring about and sharing your message.

I work with TEAMS, too

I use the same tools and experience to work with teams and groups, too. Enabling collaboration, connection and building trust. Working with others in this way fires the imagination and develops creative thinking. It makes teams stronger, more resilient and innovative.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you or your team

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