I know what it’s like to go into an audition room completely bound up by past beliefs with a voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough.

It took the help of some fantastic tutors and coaches to build my confidence and show me how to act instinctively – to ‘be’ not ‘play’, because if you don’t believe or understand what you’re saying, your audience won’t either.

I will help you to embrace your story, improve the clarity and tone of your voice and learn how to speak confidently in character or as yourself.

I bring everything I’ve learnt as a teacher, student and actor to my coaching so that you can walk on stage or into an audition room prepared, confident, instinctive and unstuck.

Each coaching package is bespoke, as are you.

Packages can include

  • Looking at audition pieces
  • Character development, including back story.
  • Dramaturgy
  • Unbinding to enable uninhibited and natural presence.
  • Improvisation.
  • Voice – pitch and tone. Projection.
  • Breath – Diaphragmatic, self-regulation.

The Business Bit

Coaching can be via Zoom, telephone or in person and scaled to suit your budget.

After a discovery call where we can explore your specific needs, we will create a bespoke coaching course to suit. Typically, these range from 3 to 12 months, but we also provide an emergency ‘Help. I’ve got a presentation/ audition next week’, intensive session! (One-hour emergency/ intensive. £180. Face to face or online session plus written feedback/ recording).

Monthly packages consist of a weekly 60-minute session with me (one 60 min session or 2 x 30 min sessions). In these sessions, we will work through achievements and the next steps. I will then give you an action to complete before we meet again. I am available in between meetings via email and text.

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