Your people are the heart of your business.

Energise and inspire them with motivational team building workshops. Fun and empowering workshops for groups, teams and 1-2-1 to:

  • Build confidence around presenting for work, face to face or on Zoom.
  • Enhance, develop or support the voice.
  • Remove vocal blocks and communicate with clarity.
  • Develop creative thinking. 
  • Work collaboratively. 

Workshops can be via Zoom or in person, half day to 2 day.

Examples of what group coaching courses might cover:

  • Team building – improvisation, playing, creative activities.
  • Empowering individuals in the workplace and 121 coaching.
  • New to the workforce – confidence skills for young adults
  • Improve presentation skills to market effectively.

”Working with Permission To Play as part of their pilot innovation programme, I had the pleasure of putting some software experts from CIVICA, through their paces. They blew me away with their improvised scenes and willingness to play. Improvisation, with its ‘permission to play’ ethos, is a great way of getting a team to think creatively and collaborate with confidence”. 

Workshops for wellbeing, creative thinking and collaboration.

Did you know that improvisation is proven to temporarily shut down the part of the brain that self-monitors i.e., our inner critic and that ‘play’ fires up the cerebellum? It free’s the mind to think creatively enabling innovation and problem-solving.

  • Creativity session – Use creative exercises to change behaviour, solve problems, innovate and motivate. Get your teams working better together, more agile.
  • Your Story is Your USP – Sharing your story – journey and experiences with others, specifically clients and customers, builds trust, credibility and rapport.
  • Perform a radio play or poetry. This activity can be linked to a theme and requires collaboration and creativity. It builds confidence and develops communication skills.

Cost depends on activity and group size.

To discuss how we can help develop communication, confidence and creativity within your organisation.

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