Are you a ‘scared executive’?

It was an events organiser friend who described these elusive creatures to me. He’d spot them standing in the wings, pre-presentation, hunched over a crumpled piece of paper, sweating; wishing they’d not gone out for a drink the night before the conference – well, it’s compulsory on a business trip, isn’t it? Calms the nerves…

Needless to say, it doesn’t. Anything but.

Nobody likes to get up to speak in front of an expectant audience. So how do you manage to relax and enjoy the experience?

Well, obviously you need to be prepared and well-rested (sorry, rule no 1), but mostly you need to be excited about what it is you are selling, be it an idea or a product. Are you there to impart knowledge or shift a product?

What is your ‘hook’, your motivation, your intention? Even data needs a story.

Fun fact, people remember more data when it’s related to a story.

If you don’t believe or have a connection to what you are delivering your audience won’t either.

Once we’ve found that, you’ll have your motivation, and we can start having fun with the presentation.

Together, using breathing exercises and vocal techniques, we’ll uncover the unique elemental levels of your voice so you can engage and inspire. We’ll play with pitch, tone, pace and volume and, if necessary, explore the negative effect of stress and limiting beliefs on your delivery.

I will listen, give feedback and by challenging you playfully, will encourage you to step to the edge of your comfort zone – because that’s where transformation happens.

Each coaching package is bespoke, as are you.

Packages can include

  • Looking at an upcoming presentation.
  • Working on your voice, any blocks or weaknesses.
  • Uncovering your story, your motivation, your highest values.
  • Discovering and developing your Superpower.
  • Giving you techniques so that you are grounded and confident in delivering your message and sharing your ideas.
  • Giving you tips on how to speak with clarity and confidence with what you say and how you say it.

The Business Bit

Coaching can be via Zoom, telephone or in person and scaled to suit your budget.

After a discovery call where we can explore your specific needs, we will create a bespoke coaching course to suit. Typically, these range from 3 to 12 months, but we also provide an emergency ‘Help. I’ve got a presentation/ audition next week’, intensive session! (One-hour emergency/ intensive. £180. Face to face or online session plus written feedback/ recording).

Monthly packages consist of weekly 60-minute session with me (one 60 min session or 2 x 30 min sessions). In these sessions we will work through achievements and next steps.I will then give you an action to complete before we meet again.

I am available in between meetings via email and text.

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